In the Studio with Dirty South (2014)

Dragan Roganovic - better known as Dirty South - is a Grammy nominated DJ/producer who travels around the world playing festivals and clubs in dozens of countries. In this proof-of-concept short, we went into his LA studio to see how the gTar fits into his production workflow.

Director: Justin Nizer (Eyewax Films) /// Producer: Josh Stansfield

Sequence Launch - A Sampling Adventure in San Francisco (2014)

To celebrate the launch of Sequence, our first free, standalone music app, we spent a day building a song out of found sounds in the city of San Francisco.

The Journey - Web Ad (2013)

A 30 second spot advertising the gTar's educational applications.          

Making of a gTar (2013)

Our initial Kickstarter supporters were extremely curious about the production process, so we brought a camera to China and filmed an assembly.

gtar bag + lights hybrid layout for case study.jpg