gTar: from Prototype to Market

Launched on Kickstarter in 2012 as the first "smart guitar," the gTar made waves with a mix of best-in-class MIDI tracking for professional musicians and an interactive LED display that enabled total beginners to learn new songs visually. As the Director of Brand Marketing from 2010 to 2014, I was responsible for producing (and often directing/shooting/editing) more than 30 videos, ads, and shorts as well as dozens of still images for web, retail, and conference collateral.

Below are selected excerpts from this project.


In the Studio with Dirty South (2014)

Dragan Roganovic - better known as Dirty South - is a Grammy nominated DJ/producer who travels around the world playing festivals and clubs in dozens of countries. In this unaired short, we went into his LA studio to see how the gTar fits into his production workflow.

Director: Justin Nizer (Eyewax Films) /// Producer: Josh Stansfield

Sequence Launch - A Sampling Adventure in San Francisco (2014)

To celebrate the launch of Sequence, our first standalone music app, we spent a day building a song out of found sounds in the city of San Francisco.

The Journey - Web Ad (2013)

A 30 second spot advertising the gTar's educational applications.          

Making of a gTar (2013

Our initial Kickstarter supporters were extremely curious about the production process, so we decided to showcase the assembly in time-lapse form.